We have the capability to formulate products, capsules, powders and liquids to meet your exact specifications.


We have an amazing creative energy in our office and have helped our clients come up with some of the freshest newest concepts in the packaging industry.


We have actual scientists to help you make your idea’s a reality. Science and creativity is a pretty amazing combination that you get to take advantage of as a PreMark Customer.


Texas contract manufacturer and packager specializing in food, dietary supplements and skin care manufacturing

Employ highly skilled scientists and formulators providing in depth research and development, product analysis and quality control testing to ensure superior, safe, quality products.

Commitment to monitor and evaluate the latest industry trends to assist customers build and grow a successful business.

Provide exceptional customer service, no touch tone or answering service, live conversations.

Outperform all others with our testing protocols on products prior to launch.

Climate controlled 73,000 square foot manufacturing facility provides a premium scalable solution to meet all size production runs.

Utilize only superior ingredients and proven manufacturing techniques from approved vendors to uphold a superior product in performance and taste.

Answer technical questions and offer professional opinions on packaging, marketing and labeling.

Each product manufactured is held to the highest safety and quality standards.

Licensed for Food Manufacturing and OTC (Over The Counter) Drug Manufacturing by the Texas Department of State Health Services.


Employees are our company’s most valuable asset and will answer technical questions, offer professional opinions and create products that meet or exceed your targeted criteria.




 State of the art automatic and semi-automatic machines

 Operates in positive airflow class 100 clean room

 Two piece gelatin and vegetarian capsules

 Clear or colored capsules

Nutrition and Wellness

Protein powders

 Dietary supplements

 Functional foods

 Sports nutrition

 Weight management




 Highly consistent blends

 Assistance in product development and custom formulation

 Pilot runs

 Short runs

 Scale up production batches

Personal Care





 Treatment products

 Body Care

 Hair Care


 Powder, liquids, capsules


 Stick packs

 Product assembly

 Packaging and pouching

Pet Products

Multi pouching systems

 Proprietary patent UltraTerra