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231 State Road #A
Westport, MA 02790

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 11am-9pm, Fri & Sat 11am- 10pm & Sunday 12pm - 8pm

Portas Da Cidade Restaurant and Lounge offers authentic Portuguese cuisine, in a great atmosphere. We offer daily specials, our entire menu is available for take out. Planning a party? We can help! We are able to accommodate up to 80 people banquet style, we also have a large catering menu for your catering needs!


"Hubby and I went with friends for our first time. The waiter/bartender Brian was awesome!! The food was absolutely delicious. We got littlenecks and shrimp Mozambique which were cooked perfectly! My espresso martini was so good that I had 2. This restaurant deserves 10 stars!!"
Ida Almeida
"We had paella, baked stuffed shrimp, the Portuguese steak and a few different desserts. All were absolutely delicious! The bread was fresh, the place was very clean and the service was excellent!"
Cheryl DiGiacomo

"Best portuguese food around. It provides a more refined dining room as well as a lounge for a more casual feel. The service is always great and the food is on point every time. We come here often and will continue to do so. Try the red sangria and some Spanish style little necks as an appetizer. Their bean pudding with a cup of espresso is a fabulous ending to a spectacular meal."
Sandra Furtado
"Great staff and food ..amazing seafood ..great portions and nice atmosphere deffinetly a nice spot to take a date to ...and awsome drinks at the bar ...5 stars all day"
Eric Rodrigues

Our Menu

Feeling Peckish?


  1. Camarao Alhinho


    Shrimp sauteed in a garlic and wine sauce

  2. Ameijoas a “Bulhao Pato”


    Littlenecks in a garlic, olive oil and wine sauce

  3. Ameijoas a Espanhola


    Littlenecks with chourico, peppers and onions in a red sauce

  4. Camarao a Mocambique


    Sauteed shrimp in butter, wine, garlic and spices

  5. Lulas Fritas


    Fried calamari rings blended with hot peppers and homemade hot sauce

  6. Chourico a Bombeiro


    Flame grilled Portuguese sausage

  7. Asas de Galinha Fritas


    Fired chicken wings

Sopas / Soups

  1. Caldo Verde


    Kale, chourico, and potato broth

  2. Sopa a Portuguesa


    Fresh vegetables, beef, and chourico soup

Salada / Salad

  1. Garden Salad


    Fresh seasonal greens, tomatoes and cucumbers with choice of dressing

Sandwiches / Sandwiche (Lunch)

  1. Prego No Pao c/Batata Frita


    Portuguese steak sandwich w/ Portuguese fries

  2. Bifana c/Batata Frita


    Pork steak sandwich w/Portuguese fries

  3. Sandes de Chourico c/Batata Frita


    Chourico sandwich w/Portuguese fries

  4. Sandes de Cacoila c/Batata Frita


    Cacoila sandwich w/Portuguese fries

  5. Sandes de Peixe c/Batata Frita


    Fried fish sandwich w/Portuguese fries

  6. Sandes de Galinha a Mocambique c/Batata Frita


    Chicken Mozambique sandwich w/Portuguese fries

  7. Hamburger c/Batata Frita


    Angus burger w/Portuguese fries

  8. Sandes de Atum c/Batata Frita


    Tuna fish sandwich w/Portuguese fries

Carnes / Beef

  1. Bife com Cogumelos


    12 oz. steak with mushroom sauce

  2. Bife Grelhado c/Camaro Recheado


    Grilled Sirloin with 2 stuffed shrimp

  3. Espetada a Madeirense


    Madeira style shish-ka-bob served with Portuguese fries, rice and seasonal vegetables

  4. Bife a Portuguesa


    Pan-seared 10 oz. Sirloin steak topped with egg served with our house specialty sauce

  5. Bife a Casa


    Pan-seared 12 oz. Sirloin steak topped with ham and 2 eggs in our house specialty sauce

  6. Bife Grelhado


    Grilled Sirloin steak seasoned with mild spices

  7. Bitoque


    Pan-seared 8 oz. Sirloin topped with egg in our house specialty sauce

  8. Bife com Osso Grelhado


    Grilled T-Bone steak seasoned with mild spices

Frango / Poultry

  1. Galinha a Mocambique


    Chicken tenders sauteed in butter, wine, garlic and spices

  2. Galinha a Alentejana


    Sauteed chicken with potatoes and littlenecks

  3. Peito de Galinha Grelhado


    Grilled boneless chicken breast topped with lemon and butter sauce

Porco / Pork

  1. Lombinhos com Cogumelos


    Pork cutlets cooked in a creamy mushroom sauce

  2. Lombinhos na Brasa


    Grilled marinated pork cutlets

  3. Carne Alentejana


    Marinated pork with potatoes and littlenecks

Carnes / Meats (Lunch)

  1. Bitoque c/Batata Frita e Arroz


    Jr. Portuguese steak w/Portuguese fries & rice

  2. Espetada de Galinha


    Chicken kabob

  3. Carne No Espeto a Madeirense


    Shish kabob Madeira style

  4. Lombinhos c/Cogumelos


    Pork cutlets w/mushroom sauce

  5. Picadinho


    Sauteed pieces of beef w/ peppers and garlic

  6. Carne de Porco a Alentejana


    Marinated pork with potatoes and little necks

  7. Galinha a Mocambique


    Chicken Mozambique style

  8. Salada com Galinha Grelhada


    Grilled chicken salad

  9. Galinha Frita c/Molho Picante


    Fried spicy boneless wings

  10. Lombinhos c/Moho de Manteiga e Alho


    Port cutlets w/garlic & butter sauce

Peixe / Fish (Lunch)

  1. Camarao a Mocambique


    Shrimp Mozambique

  2. Filetes Dourados


    Fried filets of schrod

  3. Bacalhau Fresco com Cebolada


    Baked schrod w/ onion and tomato sauce

  4. Camarao Recheado


    Baked jumbo stuffed shrimp

  5. Camarao Alhinho com Linguini


    Shrimp in garlic and wine sauce over linguini

  6. Bacalhau Fresco com Pao Ralado


    Baked schrod w/bread crumbs

  7. Fish & Chips


  8. Salada com Camarao Grelhado


    Grilled shrimp salad

  9. Mahi Grelhado c/Molho de Manteiga


    Grilled Mahi w/lemon & butter sauce

Peixes / Seafood

  1. Gambas a Chefe


    Jumbo shrimp sauteed in a butter, wine and garlic sauce

  2. Gambas Recheadas


    Baked jumbo shrimp with a seafood stuffing

  3. Camarao Alhinho


    Shrimp sauteed in a garlic and wine sauce

  4. Lagosta Cozida ou Recheada


    Boiled or baked stuffed lobster

  5. Filets Dourados


    Fried filet of schrod

  6. Escalopes no Forno


    Baked scallops in a light lemon butter sauce topped with bread crumbs

  7. Bacalhau Fresco com Cebolada


    Baked schrod with onion and tomato sauce

  8. Bacalhau Fresco no Forno


    Baked schrod with bread crumbs

  9. Bacalhau Cozido


    Boiled bone in Codfish with potato and chick peas

  10. Fish and Chips


  11. Bacalhau Assado na Brasa


    Grilled dried codfish in extra virgin olive oil and garlic

  12. Salmao Grelhado


    Grilled salmon with lemon and butter sauce

  13. Mariscada a Chefe


    Lobster, shrimp, littlenecks, squid, scallops and fish in a spicy red sauce

  14. Paelha a Valenciana


    Lobster, shrimp, littlenecks, scallops, chourico, pork and chicken blended with saffron rice in a mild red sauce

  15. Camarao a Mocambique


    Sauteed shrimp in butter, wine, garlic and spices

  16. Linguini com Camarao e Escalopes Alhinho


    Linguini with shrimp and scallops in a garlic and wine sauce

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